#1 Way to prep for the New Year


#1 Way to prep for the New Year

Posted by Shereen Thor

As you know, I always love me some Freedom Friday because it’s the day of the week where everyone starts to relax and become human again. 🙂

And to celebrate the occasion I have sent you this episode of ShereenTV which is all about letting go. Often times my clients come to me asking, “How do I let go of what is holding me back?”

This is pivotal to your relationship and career success so take a look.

Please let us know how this video affected you, maybe give us one “Aha” moment – we love those. 😉

Can’t wait to hear from you sweet thang.

To Your Freedom and Happiness,

Shereen Faltas

08 Nov 2013 2 Comments
  • Waseem November 8, 2013 at 6:20 pm / Reply

    You are absolutely wonderful Shereen!

    I am filled with gratitude at your incredible work and generosity.. I have gained so many new insights and wisdoms through your cubicle monkey revolution series!

    I love this video too… Letting go, it’s exactly where I am now. Letting go of old ideas and embracing the new empowered me!

    So much love,

    • Shereen Faltas November 9, 2013 at 4:05 am / Reply

      Thank you for your kind words Waseem!! It is my honor to support you in your journey! Thank you for being a part of this movement =) I am filled with gratitude to you since we have connected =) You rock. -Shereen

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