10 Tips on How to Raise Self Confidence

10 Tips on How to Raise Self Confidence

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Many people ask me what’s the single most important component in one’s life success? My answer is undoubtedly always a resounding “SELF CONFIDENCE.” I know I know, that’s so cliché you say! But sorry folks, it’s the truth. No doubt about it, self confidence is a massive factor in anyone’s success personally and professionally and otherwise.

Why you ask? Great question young grasshoppa. Self Confidence is that magic fairy dust that David sprinkled on himself before being crazy enough to take on Goliath and win. It is essentially the fuel behind any major or worthwhile feat accomplished. And CERTAINLY the fuel in any form of successful REBELLION. Would you consider that to be important? I would, so let me give you ten tips on how to harness your inner Goliath slayer.

10 tips on how to raise your self confidence:

  1. Love yourself– Many people compare themselves to others, and criticize themselves. STOP. There is only ONE you on the planet. And there will only ever be one you. Learn to love you =) It will make your journey between you and yourself much more pleasant for years to come. Learning to love yourself is the most important component of self confidence. Once you love and accept yourself, you can get on with being more of who you truly are, and shine bright instead of fighting against yourself and swimming upstream. So love on loverbuns.
  2. Choose your friends wisely – Be aware of how you feel after you spend time with different people in your life. After you leave your friends house do you feel happier and more confident? Or depleted and drained? This is one of the most helpful indicators of whether the company you keep supports you in having a high self confidence or not.
  3. Follow Your Heart – Let go of the “I should do this” or the “This is what I’m supposed to do” type thoughts. Forget what everyone expects of you and do what you feel is right for you. Sometimes your family and friends put you in a box that you never agreed to being in in the first place. They mean well but sometimes they don’t see your true potential because it is outside of the parameters of their own box, so they are blind do it. You are the captain of your ship, so go where you’re meant to go Captain.
  4. Set Realistic Goals – Everyone wants to achieve something which is great! I always tell clients to dream big, but then coach then to achieve small steps toward a desired end rather than shooting for the stars and coming up short. The latter can severely deplete your energy levels and self confidence which mean everything in your motivation levels. So set a SMART goal, and move yourself toward it. Progress creates momentum, and momentum creates self confidence to fuel you the rest of the way.
  5. Take care of yourself – Personal time, and attention to your inner world is extremely important in maintaining a grounded perspective that lends to confidence. So take a walk, meditate, do some yoga and remind yourself that you matter.
  6. Face your Fears – Your self confidence will get a huge boost if you are able to face your fears and overcome them. Look at who you are, and what you are afraid and thank the Universe for those messages. No need to get defensive, defensiveness is just weakness fussing because it knows it’s on its way out. Accept your fears and inadequacies, for they are soon to be disposed of.
  7. Think Positively – The mind is a very powerful thing. If you believe it then you will achieve it. People who lack confidence generally have negative thoughts stewing around in their self talk. Explore what thoughts are going on in your mind, and proactively replace negative thoughts with positive ones. You will see your whole world change. First starting with self confidence, and then in every other area. The mind is a powerful tool, and success in the external starts with the internal. Be a master of yourself first, and then you will master the art of life.
  8. Make wise and deliberate choices – You are constantly creating and recreating who you are and how you show up in the world. Just because you failed at something 10 years ago, last month or even yesterday doesn’t mean that you will fail at that task tomorrow. Your past doesn’t determine your future. Use the past only as a guide to not repeating mistakes but not to pre-determine your chances of success. And look at failure as a sign that you rock for always having the courage to trudge on. Also, be relentless about your happiness. Once you see something clouding your pure effusive energy, cut it. Your energy and confidence are your fuel, so be wise with it. We all know fuel is expensive these days 😉
  9. Respect your process – It is about the journey not the outcome. The only thing amazing about getting to a goal, is seeing who you have to become in the process to be worthy of that goal. You get to evolve and grow and become the person you are meant to be on your way to a desired goal. If you respect the process you are more likely to display the patience and confidence needed to maintain longevity on your journey.
  10. Take the first step – This is quite possibly the most important thing that one must do to gain confidence. Because you can read all the self help books, go to seminars and listen to great speakers; however, if you do not take the first step to practicing what you have learned then you will never gain the confidence that you need for a healthier and happier life. This is why it can often be great to hire a Life Coach; they will hold you accountable to taking steps towards the life you say you want. That way you don’t just talk about it, you get to be about it. Take the leap, it is well worth it.

And that concludes this segment on having a kick butt level of confidence in life. I hope you love yourself, and anyone who doesn’t love you…I give you full permission to tell them to F@X! OFF. Yeah I said it. What do you expect coming from a rebel? 😉 and besides you deserve it honey cakes, you rock.

Thank you for reading and for being part of the Awaken The Rebel movement.

Yours in Freedom,

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  • Esther W. Gabriel July 19, 2013 at 10:46 pm / Reply

    Excellent Artical Shereen!

    • Shereen Faltas July 22, 2013 at 11:15 am / Reply

      Thank you! I appreciate it =)

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