Can I really have it ALL?

Can I really have it ALL?

Posted by Shereen Thor

What’s up rebel?! It’s mah birfday!! Woohoo!! So today we have an interesting subject – one that comes up in many people’s minds…


A lot of my rebels come to me saying, “If I want to be a bad ass entrepreneur does that mean I can never have a family?”

Or we see many successful people’s families fall apart and think it must be impossible to have it all.

A lot of my rebels have also emailed me with shock and dismay about me becoming a wife & a mother.

Not sure what kind of crazy feminist amazon woman I am perceived as…lol, but I definitely wanted to address these questions and issues in this week’s Quickie ShereenTV.


Let us know in the comments your thoughts on this. Have you ever invested too much in your biz? Or did you learn something here that will help you take the leap into business after all?

To your success,

Shereen Faltas

23 May 2014 No Comments

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