Discomfort & Why It’s Good for You…

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Discomfort & Why It’s Good for You…

Posted by Shereen Thor

I know it’s weird that I’m praising discomfort – who does that? lol

But in this week’s episode of ShereenTV we explain why it is a fundamental necessity in having the life of your dreams.

If you are reading this I know you are a person who strives to have an extraordinary life.

We all wonder what it takes, and if we are doing it right, so I spent some time with Jim Britt (mentor to Tony Robbins) to get the scoop.

Check out this episode of ShereenTV to hear about one of the 6 qualities of a successful entrepreneur (and these qualities as you will see in the episode bleed over into relationships and health, etc).

In the comments, please let us know your #1″A-ha” moment after watching this video. I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in Freedom,

Shereen Faltas

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