How do I feel empowered through my style?

How do I feel empowered through my style?

Posted by Shereen Thor

I hate dressing up. I am not even kidding…when I have to get dressed up to go on live TV or do any kind of professional appearance I get the heevy jeevies! 


I get all insecure because I feel like I don’t know how, and I’m not skinny enough, and there is NO piece of clothing that will NOT emphasize my irritating love handles lol.


I just try to avoid it at all costs. And if you couldn’t already tell I LOVE to feel laid back (I like to think I’m kind of a modern day hippie), I mean I made my profession all about being a REBEL for God’s sake!


My point is, that this is a point of contention for me. A place in my life that I just don’t feel confident. Obviously with my profession I need to get over it lol.


SO…this week’s episode on ShereenTV I interview a style expert named Catherine Cassidy who helps us understand how to take the stress out of style and feel empowered in our clothing.


friday 3-7


Cheers to your confidence & feeling full freedom in your body,

Shereen Faltas


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