Is your creativity being expressed or suppressed?

Is your creativity being expressed or suppressed?

Posted by Shereen Thor

Most of you know my story – I was literally asleep in a cubicle, missing my life. I had my whole bad-ass awakening and woke up to the rebel I was meant to be! But it didn’t happen overnight, it took some serious adjustments from being a stand-up comedian (which I LOVED) to being an entrepreneur. 


I was so burnt out working on my business, craving my creative expression that had been let loose as a comedian. It was around that time that I met Christina Dunbar. She was the perfect solution to my problem, she helped me bring out my bad-assery  and become the Artistpreneur I knew was in me. An artistpreneur is that perfect blend of an entrepreneur who let’s their artistic self shine!


SO…this week’s episode on ShereenTV I interview Christina Dunbar, who helps peeps to freak your truth, rock your spirit and express your soul!  


I know you’re gonna LOVE what she has to say, check it out:


Christina Dunbar STV


Here’s to your soul feeling alive and expressed (vs. suppressed!) and igniting the badass in you!


To your inner artist, 

Shereen Faltas


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    This website was how do you say it? Relevant!! dfaddeeceged

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