Strategic Life Planning On Steroids

So many people are walking the planet feeling oppressed by the expectations of others, the disappointments in their career or relationships, and their unborn potential.
This weight is heavy. I used to feel it myself. I remember having the office job, the home, and feeling utterly detached and unfulfilled with my life. I had followed all the rules, and felt like it got me nowhere.
I felt like my life on the outside looked picture perfect, but on the inside I was dying slowly, losing enthusiasm as the days passed me by.
Until a friend of mine nagged me to go to a personal development seminar, and I finally woke up.
I had a huge awakening, and finally stopped doing what was expected of me, and made choices that honored my highest calling.
I continued to ditch unfulfilling relationships, quit unfufilling corporate sales jobs (fml if I had to sell one more Xerox Machine lol), and become the speaker, author, coach that I had always dreamed of
I wanted was that deep guttural soul fulfillment and I finally stopped doing what ws expected of me in order to honor my soul's work in the world and founded my movement Awaken The Rebel.
Once I stopped settling for less, and got real with myself about what I actually want.  my life quickly adjusted itself to fit my requirements.
I get to work from home to put my family first while still being uber fulfilled & proud of my career. I make an impact in the ways that matter most to me, and I get to use my talents and skills to fulfill a PURPOSE not an expectation.
Just a few weeks ago ABC contacted me on my website to discuss development opportunities...Thank God it's as Shereen Thor the founder of Awaken The Rebel and not Shereen the snarky comedian. I feel fully embodied and like it'll be easy for me to succeed since I am being MYSELF. Not a fraction of myself. Or a portion of myself. Or a modified version of myself. Make sense?
These life changes have left me feeling happy, free, empowered, confident, energized, fulfilled, loved, worthy & bad ass.
I WANT THIS FOR YOU. And if you are reading this, then I know you want it too.
Thoreau says, "Most men lead lives of quiet despiration and go to the grave with the song still in them."
Oh hell no.

We are NOT letting that happen.

I hope to spend the weekend with you & light your shit up :) I will hold the space for you to step into the bad ass that you truly are.
I honor who you are in all your big parts and the small as well. I know how to help people step into the confidence they've always wished they had. Sometimes by inviting, sometimes by pushing and sometimes by giving a swift kick in the ass ;)

Creating a Strategic Life Plan Is Probably Easier Than You Think

But it does require some planning. At Awaken The Rebel Live, you will get access to coaching and intuitive guidance to support you on your path. Here are some of the guest speakers that will assist in our collective rebellion.

   Julie Migneault  ~ Christina Dunbar ~  Kim Girard

     Energy Healer ~   Performing Artist ~  Life Purpose Coach

This is No Ordinary Weekend

It's bad ass, and it's the kick in the ass we all need to finally reach our potential & get on path. All this alongside other rebels, thought leaders, and game changers who are on the same journey. Don't miss this unique opportunity.

Don’t Take My Word For It...

"Talk about a Kick Ass event. Just got home from Awaken the Rebel  Live- created by the amazing Shereen Thor. So many awesome takeaways: a new definition of success, contribution, and how life can be fulfilling and joyful, just where you are. Thank you for an amazing event. Can't wait to see you all next year!"

Marianne Simon

Founder of Speak Your Passion

"Just finished day one of Awaken The Rebel Live. LITERALLY walked out feeling like a different person!"

Kevin Hansford

Founder of Bold Without Apology

"This event had no price tag! It shifted my mindset 180 degrees! My self-limiting beliefs, people pleasing, the way I look at money, and habits that I believed as a kid. I am confident in saying I am FREE! I forgive, stop playing small, and move on to greener pastures. This was an amazing healing weekend full of LOVE and Mindset shifts that lead to an Excellent Life."

Laura Ramos


Here's Exactly What You'll Experience at AWAKEN THE REBEL LIVE!

  • How to transform all your insecurities into your greatest strengths to raise your confidence
  • How to get what you want out of life faster & with more ease
  • The tools to get your lifestyle, your goals and your dreams without burning out
  • How to create more happiness, passion, freedom & energy in your life NOW
  • A weekend to focus on you, fill up your cup & light up your life
  • Session starts at 9am, we break for lunch at 12pm, and resume at 1:30pm. You will be free by 5pm so that you can still enjoy your Saturday and Sunday evening with your favorites.

We Have 20 Complimentary Tickets

Sponsored by Internet Marketing Super Friends

At the event I will be personally inviting some people to join me for a 5 month mentorship and coaching program. It's my calling to help in this way so I just want you to know up front that the opportunity will be presented.


Whether you take me up on that offer or not, I look forward to spending two days with you and personally guiding you to Awaken Your Rebel.

See you there,

Shereen Thor