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SHEREEN THOR is a host, author, rebel, movement starter, and serial artistpreneur who lives life on her terms and helps others do the same.

Shereen Thor, Life Coach with Awaken the Rebel


Between her quirky comedic style and her in your face ability to catalyze others into empowerment; she can’t be ignored.

Her career first started in stand up comedy where just after two short years of being in the game she was quickly getting scouted by the likes of MTV, VH1 and E!.

While making people laugh was fun it wasn’t fully fulfilling. She was an inspiration junkie, obsessed with human behavior and what makes people tick, so while making people laugh she worked on getting certifications in NLP and as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) to cultivate her ability to change lives for the better.

Ultimately Life Coaching & Motivational speaking took precedence over being a comedian. She authored her first book The Coolest Quote Book Eva, to commemorate all of the inspirational quotes that motivated and inspired her as she was transforming her life from cubicle monkey to rebel with a cause.

Shereen Thor comedian, show host, life coach

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” MLK

She found a way to fuse her comedic skills with her desire to inspire and became a host on the Oprah Winfrey Recap Show on Afterbuzz TV. She was then picked up as a host and producer on an international network CSAT TV where she pioneered The Shereen Show to discuss topics like life, love, passion, and emotional health on an international network.

She then went on to found AWAKEN THE REBEL, a movement that helps people stop settling for less and live an extraordinary life by their design.

She wanted to take the power and efficacy of Tony Robbins and mix it with an edgy MTV feel so that it could capture the attention of those who think they are too cool for school. In her words, “AWAKEN THE REBEL is the gateway drug to the world of personal development.”

If it weren’t for her best friend who nagged her incessantly to attend her first seminar she would never have had her own AWAKEN THE REBEL moment. So it’s important to her to appeal to those who would otherwise ignore this cheesy woo woo stuff.

Through this movement she is able to entertain, educate, and inspire to her heart’s desire.

She is the creator of a live event series AWAKEN THE REBEL LIVE! Where she hosts and facilitates rebels from all walks of life to write their own rules to this game of life and make it extraordinary.

She also hosts the AWAKEN THE REBEL podcast, and co-hosts The Wayseer Show with Garret John LoPorto.

She facilitates retreats and live events for many non-profits and educational organizations that not only help youth find and follow their passions, but also support self esteem, life skills and empowerment.

AWAKEN THE REBEL also offers one on one coaching for those who thrive off a more personal touch.

With the soul of a preacher, the mind of a philosopher, and the personality of an entertainer she is a force to be reckoned with. A unique blend of what our ADD generation needs to stay engaged, coupled with a conversation that our hearts and souls desperately crave.

She is an avid supporter of the International Justice Mission, a non profit that frees people and children all over the world from slavery and human sex trafficking.

This idea of doing what’s right in the face of adversity to free our brothers and sisters from oppression runs deep as the subtext of this movement, and she hopes to use every ounce of her energy on this planet to give, love, and help in all the ways that she can.

Her belief is that we can only provide this type of service to the world if we have first looked within ourselves to truly AWAKEN THE REBEL.


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