Wanna Join Me in LA at Awaken The Rebel Live for FREE??

Wanna Join Me in LA at Awaken The Rebel Live for FREE??

Posted by Shereen Thor


Sometimes you just know that you are meant to be somewhere.


It’s not a mere “want” it’s a calling. It’s a clarity about the direction of your life and that this will help you get there.


I definitely have. Truthfully, whenever I have heard the calling (usually telling me to do something that makes no sense whatsoever), it’s been a choice that has altered my life in a big way.


As you know I am committed to inspiring you to live the life that you deserve, bring your true talents and gifts into the world, and make a BIG contribution. Everything I do is to accomplish that and that alone. It’s my soul’s mission on this Earth.


I am able to do deeper work through my live event, Awaken The Rebel Live. [link]


If you’ve heard your calling about this event, I’d love to invite you to spend a weekend with me & hundreds of other rebels alike in LA January 18-19th, 2014…for FREE!

What is it you ask?


Awaken The Rebel Live is a 2 day event in Los Angeles that brings together hundreds of game changers, thought leaders, and independent thinkers from all over the world to get deeply in touch with their purpose, get clear on their values, and create a path in 2014 that will blaze toward the direction of their dreams.


You will meet hundreds of incredible individuals who are re-defining success on their own terms, and are committed to working hard, giving back, and to living the life of their dreams.


All of this and more will go down at The Radisson by LAX in Los Angeles on January 18-19th, 2014.


A part of the ticket sales are donated to the International Justice Mission (IJM), to help free children all over the world from slavery & sex trafficking.


This event only comes around once a year, so this is your only opportunity in 2014 to spend a weekend with me & have a bad ass time with your creative collective.


Here’s How You Can Join Us, For Free


This year I am giving away a scholarship, and in order to be in the running you need to submit a video. I am looking for creativity, soulfulness, and for it to be within these guidelines…


Here’s what you need to do. Create a video under 1 minute and answer me this:


~Where are you at with your career, life, & relationships right now?

~What’s your biggest challenge?

~What does true success look like for you?

~When you bust through your biggest challenge – what will you create in your business/career, your life, and around the world?


Then upload your video to and make it public with the following title and description. Cut and paste, verbatim:


Video Title: Awaken The Rebel Live w/ Shereen Faltas vid by Your Name

Video Description: – Awaken The Rebel Live w/ Shereen Faltas – Purpose, Lifestyle & Relationship training at The Radisson LAX.


Leave a comment below this post with a link to your YouTube video entry. You must do this for your video to be a valid entry.


Social Media Bonus Points!


Wanna boost your chances of winning? Spread the word about this Awaken The Rebel Live scholarship contest on Twitter and Facebook.


Here are a couple sample tweets and Facebook posts to get you started:


I want a ticket to @ShereenFaltas’s Awaken The Rebel Live #winATRlive


I am going to win a spot @ShereenFaltas’s Awaken The Rebel Live #winATRlive


I am determined to win claim my seat @ShereenFaltas’s Awaken The Rebel Live #winATRlive


I hope I win a spot @ShereenFaltas’s Awaken The Rebel Live #winATRlive


You can share these posts on Twitter and Facebook up to three times per day, and use any wording you prefer.


But all tweets must include the #winATRlive hashtag and this link: as well.


Here’s more that you need to know about the contest:


  1. You must enter to win via video. Tweets & Facebook posts get you bonus points


  1. Videos must contain the specific description stated above, and must be under 1 minute


  1. Tweets and Facebook shares must contain the #winATRlive hashtag and this link:


  1. The entry deadline is December 10th and the winner will be announced within one week (it’ll be a Christmas gift 😉


  1. If you already have a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll either refund you – or you can give your spare ticket to a special friend.


  1. No purchase necessary to win


  1. My team and I are the judges. Our decision is subjective and final (don’t hate the playa hate the game)


Remember: We are looking for creativity & soulfulness. Show us how being at Awaken The Rebel Live will help you unlock your genius and make a big impact on the world.


We can’t wait to see your entry and social media shout-outs. Have fun and good luck!

Shereen Faltas

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