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There’s something that pisses me off about seeing a 65 year old woman on TV who clearly has had lip injections.

Now let me preface this by saying I believe in the saying, “to each his own.”

So if someone wants Botox, by all means go for it.

But I can’t help getting irritated when old women don’t look their age. They look altered and slightly plastic and SOMEthing with their face just looks “off.”

It honestly makes me angry.

I just feel like, “just age already!”

Like what’s so friggin bad about looking old? Honestly. If you’re old then you’re old. So what!?

You were 20 once so now be 80. It’s like I feel like they’re perpetuating a lie. Not admitting or embracing where they are in their lives.

And regardless of my typically nonjudgmental disposition for some reason it literally pisses me off.

It’s dishonest and it’s not accepting themselves as they are. The lip injections and the crap. It just irks me.

And I hate that Kim Kardashian used to be way prettier than she is now. And that when she cries she looks so weird because all the Botox has frozen her face’s ability to have expression.

It’s just sad honestly. I just wish everybody would let themselves be human. Perfectly flawed and perfectly imperfect.

That would be wonderful.

Maybe that’s what makes me this wild rebel girl. That I don’t want the approval of others bad enough to alter myself or my truth. When I’m 80 and someone looks at me like I’m an unfortunate old wrinkly person… I will say to them “get over it I’m old.” And flip them the bird.

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