Are you a REAL entrepreneur?

Are you a REAL entrepreneur?

Posted by Shereen Thor


…or do you just have a really expensive hobby? A lot of people love the idea of freedom, owning their own business and making a huge impact on the world, but instead of doing it they just THINK about doing it.


They love it, they study it, they crave it, and they obsess over it, but are they DOING it? Many are not even though they would like to.


Why though?


ONE ANSWER...Lack of action.


Many people are in the mode of paralysis by analysis…they are waiting for it to be perfect, they are waiting to be ready…they are getting ready to be ready to be ready…and guess what, they are never ready.


I did this for YEARS before I finally grabbed my lady balls and took the plunge. And in fact the Universe had to push me into it a bit (by letting me go from a safe little salary I had) by challenging me with this question…


“Will I spend another year working for the man & wishing I was an entrepreneur? Or is this my time?”


So, lucky for me, I came to a cross road and enough years had gone by of me wanting a different life for me to finally go, “I better finally make this thing happen because I can’t spend another year just being in want…”


There is a book called the No B.S.Time Management For Entrepreneurs by Dan S. Kennedy & he says…


“What is entrepreneurship if not the conversion of your knowledge, talent, & guts – through investment of your time – into money?”


Most people have the knowledge & talent, but they are lacking the guts (or confidence) to invest their time into it, so they just spend money on courses to learn learn learn…but don’t take real action.


This breaks my heart. The amount of fulfillment & purpose they are robbing themselves of by not taking action, and the amount of service and connection they are robbing others of by not sticking their necks out to help them is tremendous.


So today I urge you to look within, and ask yourself,“where in my life am I over thinking something in order to avoid the risk of failing?” 


And if you have a clear answer, choose to grab your rebellious balls and make it happen 😉


To your success & freedom,

Shereen Faltas



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