Awaken Your Inner Rebel with Shereen Thor

Awaken Your Inner Rebel with Shereen Thor

Posted by Shereen Thor

Shereen shares what she means when she says inner rebel. Shereen’s message is to all the reformed good girls out there, “It’s time to listen to your inner bad girl.” Shereen’s first big awakening came when she realized she’d adhered to her mother’s expectations. Despite having “everything” Shereen wasn’t fully happy with her life the way it was. A self-help seminar is when Shereen’s views on things turned around. What “Good Girl Syndrome” means to Kelly and Shereen and how it affects others. Kelly shares her story of being a rebel, but also being sure to have good girl tendencies. How parents react to their children’s choices and how they fear for their success. In the past, Kelly has felt that people would like her more if she was good. The ladies discuss the feeling of being abandoned and needing to feel loved. Shereen describes how you can pick back up the pieces after they’ve been abandoned. Morning Pages The Artist’s Way and the self-destructive patterns that often look honorable to the outside world, but it is really crushing your soul. Shereen shares how we all begin to change the meaning of selfish. How to nurture your inner rebel. Once you ask for what you want, the Universe begins to work to bring it to you. How women can nurture and care for themselves.

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