How to choose a fulfilling career

How to choose a fulfilling career

Posted by Shereen Thor

As many of you know Steve Pavlina spoke at Awaken The Rebel Live this year and his topic was 4D Careers. Everyone loved his talk because he really simplified this idea of how to choose a fulfilling career. He broke it down into four parts: Mind, Body, Spirit & Heart.


Here is what these categories mean:


Mind: Skill level in your chosen trade (this can improve over time)


Body: How much money you are making


Heart: How much you enjoy what you are doing on a daily basis


Spirit: How much you feel you are helping others or contributing to the world through what you do


When you have a career that fulfills all of these categories then you have a very FULFILLING career. This is definitely something worth striving for because without it there will be a lingering emptiness that you just can’t shake. That’s why so many people come to me for advice on this very topic.


The trap is when people choose something that fulfills only the Mind & Body category. There are MANY MANY professionals out there making gads of money, and who are great at what they do but they are completely unfulfilled, miserable, and just don’t know what to do about it.


A lot of people wonder what area they should lead with when choosing a fulfilling career, and I’ll tell you this. It’s definitely not money, it’s definitely not skill, and surprisingly it’s not even spirit. It’s HEART. When you love doing something there is an endless wellspring of motivation to pull from so you will never feel stuck or disengaged in it. As you continue doing what you love to do, you will become great at it (mind), you will inevitably make money at it (body), and you can find ways to ensure you are helping people with it (spirit).


So there you have it people, the way to choose a fulfilling career is to lead with the heart. So ask yourself, what do you love to do? Where in your life do you light up the most? I remember how much I used to light up when I did stand up comedy which is what made me realize that I liked to speak in front of groups of people. It just wasn’t fulfilling that spirit side of me so I shifted into what I am doing now instead.


So no matter how cliche it is to say “Follow your heart,” I am saying it anyway 😉


Rebels don’t adhere to those kinds of rules…they do what’s best for them and the greater good. Booyah.


Freedom forever,

Shereen Faltas

24 Jan 2014 1 Comment
  • Malcolm Manby January 27, 2014 at 1:17 pm / Reply

    Hello Shereen.
    As an uneducated nutcase, where in hell is the direction going, as to the forward movement?
    As we believe Education and Science over many years has been a good guide for the younger brains to follow, or are they? This is to think for them as it has over hundreds of years or more, this procedure can never work, and could be why progress has been starved of enlightenment, caring and kind, old methods of the past should be put to one side of the steepest precipices and given a swift kick over the edge, to continue to influence these young beautiful minds through a system of education that has only brought the wrong thinking and direction for anyone to follow, yet it still lingers on today, for any person to tell another what they should or should not do, is a crime and it must not be tolerated, but as it has been the normal way of things in the past so why change anything, is this what they want, or what the younger minds want? (Information in my book)
    What are the keys to success? Making use of the opportunities missed by the cynics, those that criticize others without understanding or listening to a clear vision of what is an advantage and benefit for others, and therefore they have closed their eyes and mind, the only thing they hear is themselves continually forming the deepest rut, which is then too deep to climb out of.
    What is EDUCATION, anyway? For 60 years of expressing opinions, suggestions, points of view and many ideas from experience, to help bring enlightenment to others, but then has to be reviewed by decent and responsible well educated personnel still living in the stone age and past methods that ignore all others opinions and suggestions by never listening, this has gone on for far too long, approx 60 years in my own dealings of putting my ideas, suggestions, opinions, points of view, products forward to help in any way, and with the intention to bring better conditions and a safer environment for all of mankind, but as usual the ideas are stolen, copied or appear somewhere else, not where they were intended to go, and if the individual tackles these problems, they will never get an answer because any authority does not have to answer to anybody as far as the public are concerned, because they hold the purse strings, which is not their own money, so they can throw millions away with legal procedures (FEEDING THE VUTURES) and if the individual tries to get answers they only meet walls of stupidity and evil thoughts from a system that is rotten to its core. So my quote to those with this mental attitude is as follows.
    “THOUGHTS that are evil and full of sin, must be removed from every individual’s within, the way is to rise above with god’s love, that destroys deceit and corruption, with a POWER much stronger than a volcano’s irruption, this POWER is not from Venus, its god’s to everyone so they become what they are meant to be a GENIUS”

    Authorities who carry the privileged right from votes, take their power and control without knowing what actually lies behind any of the subject matters, just what has been stored away in their subconscious Mentality from the past? Then passed on to the younger brains, which is Fear, Worry, Care, Anxiety and thoughts of negativity, of despondency and doubt, this kind of material which has no value to build any worthwhile structure which makes it not fit for any purpose, this can only bring more ill to the younger brains, and to keep the authorities busy, always trying to patch things up. Facts, not theory or guesswork should never enter their thinking, but as they move along most of the time being lost because of their own complex gobbledygook and do not have to answer to any other person but themselves, yet it is no secret that when TRUTH is understood, there power would remove all of their fears. Success is contingent upon a higher ideal for which we are willing to strive; there must be a definite purpose, through correct thinking.
    A definite purpose can only be found from one source, the foundation stone of life, but it is lacking from any authority who believe themselves to be above their own laws, and all their skulduggery of deceit and trickery. So with all this intelligent educational supremacy that, they believe has been written in any book, the bible, Koran, or to be found in any newspaper article, because I created this acronym and its meaning, which is the only four building blocks in life, my own research into my soul to find the spirit behind the true power that creates all there is on this planet, and these are the four ingredients of-adet. These are built on the solid foundation stone of the power and of love.
    Now you will want to know what this meaning is. From leaving your mother and entering this world, the very first intake of breath, sometimes a tap on the child’s bottom, so it will start the process of a long life. A is the first ingredient which is the air, where the magic and the miracle enters into the child’s soul, the spirit of god that is all powerful, that knows everything and is available throughout the universe, as it now permeates into the body of each child, influencing the trillions of cells which the mother could never do, this power from god’s spirit makes a big change in the development of the child with energy, vitality, strength, wisdom, intelligence, love, faith, belief, creativity, intuition, inspiration, insight, idealism, ideas and individualism with freedom of choice.
    The second ingredient is D which is to drink, usually from the mother or from a bottle, this vitalizes the normal functioning and the flow of the elixir that circulates the whole body, generating and adding vitamins to every cell for their growth. Each child has one nose and one mouth, so air through the nose is the first organ to be used the second organ is the mouth for drinking.
    The third ingredient is E which is for eating, this does not take place until about seven months, and then a slow process to help with the building blocks, that are transformed from their food into the child’s flesh so the growth now becomes more rapid in their development and structure, which is, again driven by the god’s power of air to the heart, the heart never rests for the rest of their lives, these two organs the nose and the mouth will be in use every second, but the child has two eyes and two ears, so what is it that they are subjected to, what are they seeing even before being able to say any words, and what are they hearing through their ears? If this sound is harmonious and their seeing happiness before the age of one year old from the parent stock, this will develop the child’s brain to be beneficial all through their life, but if the sounds have been a continuous tone of bickering, arguing, and fowl language, and seeing conflict between the parents and even other children then this can be detrimental to the child for the rest of their lives, so the solid foundation stone of their lives should be learned even before the child can walk or talk.
    The last ingredient the fourth is the most of importance which is the T. This is the child’s thinking process, to be able to think correctly, the material that has been absorb through their eyes and ears that is occurring every second of each day of what is happening around them, the information that is being impregnated to the child’s vulnerable mind is lacking in many different caricatures which does not bring any value in helping a strong mentality. To gain inspiration, self-confidence, imagination, intuition, insight, ideas and individuality they have to be taught that all creativity comes from within their own cells which carry the power of god’s spirit to every part of their bodies, making them a single entity with the wisdom and intelligence and a gift that is to benefit the whole of mankind. These seeds must be continually impregnated to every child so they become a habit and then automatic and this material will have the right kind of substance for the geniuses they will become. From this enlightenment, understanding of the primary principal which will give them a realization of reality before even starting school. This T is the highest gift any child can receive their own thinking process. Albert Einstein said the only valuable thing is intuition; this is incorrect as love is which creates intuition and everything else on this planet. The thoughts from the child are the building blocks of their tomorrows, to bring good heath, wealth, prosperity, perfection and peace.
    An understanding of our own spiritual power is required, so that we may create, Idealization, Visualization and Materialization, by controlling our thoughts, is to control circumstances, conditions, environment, and our destiny of the unknown worlds yet to be found. What we see exists in the objective world, but what we visualize is in the spiritual world, and no human being can enter this world, yet some individuals tune into this power and become the Master architects that carve the future because they understand that there is only one principle for all success.
    Children should NOT have to go to school, colleges or universities, it should be the teachers who go to the children and with the technology of today this would not be very difficult, so the public would not have to pay for ridiculous buildings or any equipment provided. These buildings could then be used in control and supervision to house millions. At the same time making less traffic on the roads, reducing fatal and serious accidents, with less carnage and congestion on the Highways, with many more benefits to the students, even children staying at home and starting their schooling at an earlier age of three, this can solve unnecessary bad habits from occurring, as at home they will be more inclined to be guided with care and attention from their own family, and with incentives.
    This method would give more pay to the teachers, who are delivering this marvelous job, but what are they teaching is the question, do the subjects carry and instil auto-suggestions and self-suggestion the building blocks for any worthwhile purpose in their lives.
    Not having to go more than 25 miles a teacher could make visits to each pupil, but as many as 5 or 6 in a day, by 5 teachers , in ten day’s 60 children have been seen, less expense for each pupil, and getting no influence from negative personnel and bad influences from so called friends, the oppositions, by what they are made to believe is a very good practice in their education, with the well organized plans of the leaders who are in fact lost in an antiquated system, created by themselves and only benefits themselves, but not the pupils. Einstein said what insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results, takes note government, when you stop listening, and you stop learning: even learning a little about many subjects is good, but what are these subjects being taught, is it the same old rubbish that has no relevance to the present day?
    Education direction has to be changed so these young eager brains are going in a direction of their choice, with the first 8 years from 3 to 11, children have to find, in which direction of the millions of subjects to chose from, where their interest are, and what is the most of importance, before they ever make decisions, each child learning to drive at the age of 11, to make them more independent, to give them a strong faith and belief in themselves, showing any unfortunate traits to be seen.
    Then take the next 5 to 7 years to follow their interest into deeper attention of concentration no matter what that field that may be. A fleeting mind being continually filled with twaddle from the past useless system because an authority say so, is not going in the right direction, and what they have said is they have to toe the line with tradition and well established method, that has failed the majority, and will continue to do the same to all those who follow this ridiculous method, just what % has ever reached the top of the pile? And this is what they call a well established system, by the control freaks of education that are out of tune with life itself, great minds have to be nurtured through all mistakes by harmony, and cooperation with their teacher to find these brilliant minds forging their own trail, not being led by the antiquated dinosaurs still pounding this planet.
    A void of intelligent thinking from the same old system of party political policies who do not have any responsibility or accountability, credibility or caring of the public interest, yet far too much talking about nothing is heard from our leaders without any answers of WHY is it that they allow any child to go hungry and for poverty to thousands more. But what is does tell us that we are dealing with an evil monster that has been developed through a system of their own education method that will continue to feed them as long as they are alive and in control, do they really care? NO. So it is time to get rid of these heavy chains around these young brains necks that will allow them to breathe freely and think differently, so that a better way can be created to destroy their evil ways.
    With seven billion on this planet fighting for the crumbs, where outside of this planet there is a planet for each of the seven billion. We KNOW what will come from them the authorities, the same old nonsense is to blame someone else, and to do nothing until a crisis hits them, an there response would be to throw money from our deficit to try avoid the crisis, and then switching subjects onto other things that they say is far more important for them to contend with, like the Leveson inquiry which after years, will create another party to look at what has been going on in that department, and when that party goes wrong maybe we can get another inquiry to look at that party and the methods they use, look at the chance of winning even on the lottery, these are stupid methods.
    Is there any Psychic or mental telepathy being developed from these ruling officials who live in their own world, out of touch with the collective consciousness of mankind, as the results of their thinking is very plain to see, like Syria, Egypt, Belfast and the wars brought by those in authority, who tell the public just what they want them to think, treating them as fools, so it does not take a psychologist to explain what they will receive, as the seeds they have been sowing are of the wrong kind every day.
    These beautiful minds if they are treated with caring and kind will resolve all our queries in finding what we require, but by restricting these beautiful minds, is why we are stuck on this planet and have not ventured into the unknown where we have been chosen to lead through our time.
    Science can only find what can be seen or felt through the five senses, it will never reach into life itself, which is looking for the rainbow when there isn’t one, trying to find the darkness during daylight, or vice-versa, the Higgs boson are not going in the right direction costing billions. We know from the many years of the past that vast discoveries have been achieved, but just what may have been achieved if these young inquisitive, inspirational brains of our future had been liberated from their shackles, and their voices, and their thinking of great thoughts are set free to avenues as yet are unknown, just what marvelous time for them to explore and bring about happy dreams.
    If these young minds decide to go with science, or what they have decided, we would not be still here trying to rob one another, there would be no fear or doubt which is continually pushed down their throats daily, conforming to ridiculous doctrines by educated nutcases, saying that you will believe this, that, and all the past rubbish laid out before them, without them having any say at all on what is presented to them or what could be of interest to themselves, these leaders who through their own ignorance believe that teaching these young minds the principals of life are the correct way while they are in a classrooms, that they are implanting into the young mind the light which is quickly removed during their free time, where more about life actually goes on, that produces everything, like jealousy, hatred, greed, resentment, scorn, fear as well as cheating, stealing, lies, bullying, arrogance that destroys any light entering their souls, but they still tell you how good they are because they don’t want any other person to interfere with their golden goose laying eggs.
    Creating millions of jobs in the energy fields by using the magnetic field that is millions of times more powerful than today’s method producing energy from unnecessary wind or nuclear turbines, reliance on Oil and Gas, Bio fuels, Solar fuels or algae fuels, and the young brains would love this challenge of innovation and technology, to rid ourselves of the giants in industries who continually increase the cost of everything they do with research as they think it is only themselves that can find the answers, as this has been the past methods that have dug themselves into the ground, Morons.
    To force rules regulations and dislikes causes rebellion by these past dinosaurs, when there is a far better way, by finding and asking these beautiful young brains, what is the best way as they see it, involvement by reciprocal action and most of importance getting them into practical methods of doing things, that gives satisfaction and a pleasant feeling in boosting their imaginations, not egos.
    Storage would have been solved years ago, Primus Power, Aquin Energy, Sea water and Sodium, with new ideas like Liquid metal batteries could have been used through new thinking, and these are just the beginning of the great storehouse of the yet unknown methods, and ideas that are continually being shoved behind closed doors of a bigger company, so not upsetting the apple cart, it is the authorities who should be put on this apple cart and turned into WHAT! a very bitter cider.
    Knowing the reason why started back in 1984 on the 26th of February with an out of body experience which I have never disclosed to anyone, because I did not understand myself at the time, what it meant, so studying and trying to comprehend all the information I gathered that lasted for 5 days and nights of material written down, and being dyslectic and unable to read well or write this was a task I tried with not much enthusiasm, of which even I could not read clearly to understand then.
    But they did tell me through this information I was trying to decipher that I had achieved Peace of Mind, with trying to study all the information I had gathered, my mission in life became obvious, to show how it is possible to reduce road accidents, the carnage and congestion, on our highways and byways with creative methods for sustainability, by creating millions of jobs and a superior service.
    We continually hear on a daily bases how they are doing a good job, and what they are intending to do by throwing more money on schemes to make us believe them, this usually happens when it comes nearly the time to get us to vote for them, with a promise of better times ahead. Voting has not worked in the past, so what makes them think it will work next time, separation into parties is to keep us from joining the human race of decency, of encouragement and belonging to each other.
    As the sun rays move shadows across the globe, so can its power move any obstacle through reflection even from other reflections, this light energy is here for the eternity, as are the movement from vehicles on the roads where all the power you will ever need can be produced, turbulence in abundance, not only from vehicles but also the road itself and from other methods to produce all the power and energy that we could possible use, other sauces such as the rain, grasses, leaves, sand, all earth abundant supplies, these elements as yet are unused, and by refusing the younger superior brains to lead the way, because they think that they have the best direction, as experience is mountains high in every library to guide the young through all their difficulties, what a load of crap. Their learning has been absorbed from all kinds of this nonsense which should be removed so problems are dealt with efficiently without all the bickering, bargaining and arguing, which the authorities continually keep supplying to them the same rubbish every day, yesterday has gone, it is now only that matters, forget what you hear, a continuous tone of stupidity, year after year.
    So the education and science system of the past and present time restricts the most valuable thing there is, minds of beauty, intelligence, enthusiasm, vigour, interest and attitudes full of love for all.
    Does this mean that the seeds are not planted in the fertile fields of the young, and the enlightened ones are cast into the darkness as it has been in the past, ever since this pack of insecure neurotics have been ruling the education systems it is these who want removing, as well as those who allow all the giants of big business, the FAT CATS and all who are in league with them, to dissolve this poison, so these wonderful brains may be redirected from a lower level to a higher level up from mediocrity . Leaving their world which they have designed to be free and not drowning in a cesspool.
    We are following them because of who they are, this is a lost cause to try and stop a procedure that is crying out for more encouragement and support, so that we are producing the leaders of their world and not our yesterdays or all the tomorrows, which from the adoption of Christianity until this day we have always been kept in the dark by authorities, a secret society, the question is have we actually moved forward? The answer to that is a definite NO as our leaders want to keep what they have already cheated us out of over many years of being brained washed by them, no one must say anything, or should I say no one is allowed to say what they think as they will never be heard while there is this violent grip of control by these unscrupulous zombies, living in a world of their own.
    Have these rules, regulation and legislation become the shackles and the great obstacles that caused stagnation to the growth of the young forward movement of these sensational young brains? To follow those who are lost themselves down the road leading us all to their cess-pool.
    In the last 2000 years are they where they should be, or are they at least the same amount of many years behind to where they are going? A very tight grip by authorities who continually say they are in charge and the rest will have to fall in line with the reign of Law which they have designed, this great wall which they hide behind, so there shield is made of complexity and gobbledygook will protect them for the next 2000 years, oh what a wonderful world they live in. Truth will remove these walls. And it is truth that will take from them the very thing they value most. (GREED)
    The younger minds working together as one mind can find a much better environment, with the complexity kicked out of their way by these so called men of education and conformity.
    It is encouragement of their imagination to bring Creative minds into a place where the future will go on shining for them and motivation and attitudes that do change to create this much better world that is waiting for them, but the direction is not coming from their leaders, killing autonomy.
    Because these leaders of today seem to be very short on creative brain cells, the only brain cells they have are of greed and exploitation, feeding off those they take as fools, year after year.
    A world of wonder, that’s fantastic, sensational, tremendous, outstanding, adventures to be explored by new eyes and MINDS, not imprisoned by the old methods of yesterday and by the same old thinking from those who think themselves to be superior with power and control. (FOOLS)
    Just by following an old system that is well out of date, is to keep going where they say is the right direction, this listening to their opinions, suggestions is so that they prevent you from making any progress at all, with the young making their own forward thinking, and this is because you will represent competition to them, as they will always claim they are the experts with the experience and you should not be so presumptuous to think that you know better, always trying to belittle you or anyone who has an ideas to benefit the public as they only have a vote not a volt, which would be better, especially if it is strong enough to deter these figures of deceit, corruption, and greed.
    The power of the master mind does not belong to any person; it is a universal infinite gift that belongs to all human beings to direct their own direction wherever that may lead, and by improving their own desire, backed by Faith, imagination, persistence, organised planning through their own brains will they be able to make the right decisions in the right direction to move forward in life, and the sooner this can take place we shall find peace of mind in this beautiful world of ours.
    Education is a valuable asset that must be presented through proper channels and that is not from authorities of the Gestapo, it has to be from the family first, to build a solid foundation of trust, love, caring, kindness, interest, wonder and with happiness and above all else a strong belief.
    The education system today creates a life of competition, to find a winner, which also creates many losers, a system that produces thousands of children to form an inferiority complex, and any system that lacks the universal laws is a disorder to the human mind, and cannot possibly aspire to great accomplishments, because with new technologies and different methods, even the winner would be from different characteristics without the toxic egos that competition has always developed with too many psychopaths, this superior system designed by colleges and universities of degrees and academic awards which they have called honorary distinction, is nothing more than an over inflated load of superior egomaniacs that are so far removed from cause and effects, teaching with compassion is the order and the only way that progress can be accomplished to benefit the whole population, children are the future, and they are the ones we should be listening to.

    The past and the present education system are at fault here, but who is running these establishments? It is not the public or the parents than can be blamed for a system of inferiority that is not providing the necessary requirements for a brighter environment, so that must make the past and present thinking from the authorities with their thoughts which lack in nearly every department.
    Again we will have to listen to all their praise of how good they are, and by keeping us from expressing our own beliefs into this world. So with all their wisdom and cleverness, their knowledge and intelligence, their amazing excellence of justice and advice, WHY-WHY-WHY are there millions
    out of work + Why do millions suffer from thousands of diseases + Why do millions go hungry + Why do million die from thirst + Why are millions doomed to poverty + Why will millions never have any hope for a better future + Why are millions killed on our roads each year + Why are conditions in every town and city not improved +Why are there millions without homes + Why is there no trust in authorities + Why each year thousands are flooded out of their homes + Why is the education system not supplying us with moral leaders + Why is there no FAITH-TRUST-LOVE from those who believe themselves to be the righteous??????????? There force will always end with destruction.

    “If you can’t look at the bad you will never find the good”
    “Without influence, credibility or force, any nickels, cents and dimes, STOP your thoughts of love and happiness from springing out of your mind”
    “If we plant our seeds in the soil of love and truth then we will know what the harvest will be”
    Mind is the only creator, recognising this law is the answer to be of service to all mankind
    Each individual has a mind for the purpose of thinking, if understood this will secure results which are undreamed of, benefits and rewards for growth
    “Each of us is alone with our thinking of thoughts, make them strong, creative, inspirational, courageous and bold, so as you journey through life, you find your own story unfold”
    The golden silence of love is never heard or seen like the great thoughts that give, build, create and grow, to answer every silent secret that is not taught
    “There is no beginning, there is no end, and the spirit is eternal, so make good use of it my friend”
    “No spirit is weak or tries to hide; it is for your pleasure so enjoy the ride”
    “Spiritual power is the only thing in existence that has one side which is light, so there is no darkness anywhere”

    POWER “The head does not rule the heart, yet the heartless think they do”
    “From Gods spirit of the place most high, a gift that’s earned that no one can buy, for those who are looking , but do not find are using their eyes and not their mind. So on your journey through life on the wheels of time, take all your friends to find this wonderful mind, it may be lost in the deepest, darkest dungeon with no key, but it can be found through god’s love and from that beautiful person who is called me”

    Yours truthfully and safely Malcolm Manby. Harrogate N Yorkshire, HG1 4LU 01423 564758.

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