Just a thought.


Just a thought.

Posted by Shereen Thor

I see posts and videos all the time from experts telling us how to be more mindful, happy successful.

It seems like a strange conundrum to be a life coach motivator speaker type person yet be repulsed by these pieces of expert content.

I just feel like it’s a lot of noise that distracts us from our own inner knowing. The 3 steps to being more something perpetuates the belief that there’s SOMETHING that we are lacking and have yet to attain. Sort of like a rat race.

Or a hamster on a wheel chasing the carrot. It just grosses me out. It would just be nice if everyone would just be quiet for a second
Or if they were like, “you don’t need me! You are perfect as you are! Don’t click on this ad! It’s a waste of your time!”

Hahahahahahaha I would really love that. I’d click on that ad for sure just for sheer amusement with the person ballsy enough to propose that we are fine just as we are.

Maybe I’ll create that ad 😁

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