Life Purpose Continued…

Life Purpose Continued…

Posted by Shereen Thor

I was just scrolling facebook and a friend of mine who is a fellow comedian turned artsy fartsy life purpose junkie had this status update:

What if my unique life path is “anxiously lying around wondering what my unique life path is”?

And honestly I was like, “yeah man! me too!”

I am one of those people who – once I land on something I love, I dive in, I master it (good enough at least lol) and then I’m bored again only to run off and find something new I can get into.

My mom and my husband and anyone who makes more sense than me (which for the record is a LOT of people) always say you have to choose ONE thing.

But what if choosing sounds like the bane of my existence? What if choosing sounds like boredom and resigning in life to me?

Pretty sure if I was forced to pick one life purpose it would be:


haha, no but really though it would 😛

I have alway been very confused by the crazy adrenaline junkie things I’ve pursued…stand up comedy, entrepreneurship, I even jumped out of a plane once! Yes that’s me with blonde hair (don’t judge me, I was just trying to avoid boredom lol).

I have always been confused by my career path, one part marketing & sales, one part entertainment, and one part non profit motivational speaker girl. I’ve done so many things and never landed on one thing as THE THING for me.

By society’s standards I’d be a loser who couldn’t stick to anything. But then there’s this:

Check out this video and let me know what you think. I was very moved and inspired by this. It definitely resonated with me.

Thank you for reading, and you’re welcome 😛


Shereenie Weenie

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