In Just Two Days You Will Catalyze Your Purpose, Build Your Business Brainchild & Revolutionize Your Life!


19th & 20th

Santa Monica, CA

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I Know What It's Like To Feel Like There's Something Missing In Your Life.

I'll Help You Remedy That.

Dear Rebel,

We have created a weekend getaway that is tailored to give you more than just a workshop. It's an experience.

Real change doesn't happen in the conscious mind, it happens in the unconscious (in your feelings). So if you really want change, you need to create a new experience, feel something different and create lasting change.

This weekend is designed to give you that experience. It will be full of what your soul has been craving...

Life. Love. Connection. Heart. Soul. Truth. Art. Energy. Entrepreneurship. Excitement & Inspiration.

It's experiences like these that change our lives forever, and it was a weekend event like this that changed mine.

I was living life, going through the motions...

I had a job, a house, and my life looked relatively good from the outside. But inside I felt that something was missing. I felt a hole needing to be filled. I felt disgruntled and dis-empowered at my job. And I wanted out.

I kept thinking, "What is wrong with me? Everyone else seems satisfied with this life, why am I not happy?" I had no idea what my problem was, or what to do different. I was caught in the status quo of what was "normal" and doing what was expected of me.

Luckily I had a friend who dragged me to a weekend workshop event similar to the one I am inviting you to now (you're welcome ;).

I reluctantly went, and holy shit did it change my life. I woke up to what I truly wanted, and immediately stopped making choices to please others over myself.

This didn't happen because there was a speaker preaching at me. This happened because they facilitated exercises that helped me get out of my head and into my heart.

My life has never been the same as a result. I now live a life of freedom, love, fulfillment, and happiness that is a FAR cry from where I once was.

I want to offer this opportunity to you. To take the red pill instead of the blue and to see how far down the rabbit hole you can go.

It is my belief that we all have a higher calling that we are destined to live out during our time on this planet. Our gift to the world.

I want to help you unlock that gift and make a life and a living that makes a world of difference. Not only for you, but for those you are meant to impact.

The world needs your special gift that only you have, so please accept my invite to this event and let me help you share your gifts in a way that not only changes your life, but makes the world a better place.

I look forward to spending the weekend with you.

Big hugs,


We have scholarship tickets available for YOU! ($697 VALUE!)


Over Two Power-Packed Days You Will...

Be inspired & unlock your untapped potential

Bust through fear to create more freedom in your life

Tap into the power of your unconscious mind & awaken your intuition

Understand the entrepreneurial path to creating a business that's a reflection of your soul's purpose

Say yes to support that will change your life forever

Rekindle a strong & loving relationship with yourself

Connect with other rebels, thought leaders & game changers



10:00am: Registration & Meet The Tribe!

10:30am: Welcome & Introductions

10:45am: Session One: From Rat Race to Your Best Life

12:30pm: LUNCH

1:30pm: Session Two: Awaken Your Highest Calling & Create Your Business Brainchild!

4:00pm: End


9:00am: Integrating Your New Reality

10:00am: Special Guest: Rhonda Britten, Fearless Living Institute

11:00am: Session Three: Stepping Into Your Highest Calling

12:00pm: Party Time

12:30pm: End

We have scholarship tickets available for YOU! ($697 VALUE!)



Shereen Thor

Founder of Awaken The Rebel

It's crazy how much can change when you just decide it has to. There has been so many moments in my life when this type of decision was made and it changed my course forever.

The first and largest awakening I had on my course was when I realized that the "normal life" of a 9-5 and white picket fence just wasn't "it" for me. This was HUGE...but I didn't necessarily know what to do about it.

Luckily I had a friend who didn't give up on me, and insisted that I go, and honestly it changed my life. So I stopped doing what was expected of me and finally chose to do what I wanted. I quit my master's degree program to moonlight as a stand up comedian.

Two years later I was being scouted by MTV and E! and decided comedy wasn't "it" either. I muddled through the confusion and followed my heart anyway. The personal development seminar I attended changed my life so much that I felt a call to pay it forward. So I got certified as a life coach by the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), completed a certification in NLP and started to coach clients as a side gig towards the life of their dreams.

The next big decision I made was about five years later, and it was definitely the SCARIEST of them all. I decided to become an entrepreneur and take my coaching to the next level, rather than just do it "on the side." EEK! I was scared. I couldn't do it alone. The truth is that I needed help when it came to going from employee to entrepreneur because this seemed like the biggest leap and I felt like I had no parachute.

It was only when I paid good money to a mentor who had paved the path before me that I truly stepped into these shoes. She passed the torch, and showed me the way. Encouraged me when I didn't believe in myself. Helped me think like a CEO instead of a solo-preneur & I have never felt more confident and empowered in my life than when I fully stepped into entrepreneurship. The freedom, the leadership, and the possibilities are endless.

My life now looks very different than it did back then. I am happily married to the man of my dreams, and we just had our first child. I live less than a block from the beach, and have a successful global work from home business. I have the freedom in my life to put first things first, and that makes a world of difference. I took my power back.

I remember in the 9-5 grind I felt that my health, happiness and family would suffer as a result of my lack of time. Now that I have created the life and career of my dreams I am able to use my time freedom to put family first, and take great care of my health. In my business I am able to express all of my gifts and talents while making a massive impact in the world. I get chills every time I get on stage and speak my truth.

There is no greater payment than the fulfillment I feel when I express my soul's highest calling. There is also no greater payment than the gift of who I have become in this process.

In the spirit of transparency, I will be offering an opportunity for mentor-ship at this event. If it is not for you no sweat. I hope you get a ton out of the experience and I hope we keep in touch. But if it's for you I'll be excited to support you in taking it to the next level to fully realize your potential.

I invite you to come spend the weekend with me. I understand that you are trusting me with your two most precious assets, your time and energy. So I do not take them lightly. I value you, respect you, and I will do right by you. That is my promise.

I hope to see you there.

Julie Migneault

Founder of Fierce Love

After finding myself with a lot of external success in the form of an MBA, a prestigious job at a Fortune 500 Company, a great lifestyle in NYC... I finally got honest with myself and admitted I was absolutely miserable.

I began a deep journey of inner exploration that resulted in the awakening of some incredible gifts as a natural intuitive and healer. I spent four intensive years training at the world renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing to further refine and develop these skills. The result was a deep and profound connection to myself that creates a foundation of peace and joy in everything I do!

That's not to say life isn't with it's challenges - just that I've learned to be with them in a way that creates more expansion, healing and love in my life on a consistent basis.

Now, back to that MBA! Even with my gifts and love of healing work, I couldn't deny my passion for business and all things entrepreneurial. There is something absolutely incredible in helping someone get 100% tuned in to their unique gifts and purpose and then to SHARE those gifts through a business that makes them a fabulous living... When we do this - when our livelihood is a reflection of our greatest gifts and service, I call it The Integrated Self.

Saying yes to my Inner Knowing (my Rebel!) has giving me a life I never knew possible.  I live in Maui, Hawaii.  I travel when I want to, where I want too.  I do work that brings me alive.  I do it when I want to and from wherever I want too.  It's freedom.  I am surrounded by the most incredible community.  But what's more... I have an unshakeable inner peace and deep knowing that I'm "on path" and serving by being the best version of myself.

I want that for you, too! Which is why I've partnered with Shereen to bring you the best of both worlds - the tools you need to live from a place of truth, connection and love AND the step-by-step process to share that in a way that makes a contribution and allows YOU to express YOU while making a great living.

I so hope you'll join us. It's an incredible and life changing journey!


Join us in the beauty of Santa Monica! Located just minutes from the beach, the Santa Monica Public Library Auditorium is a pristine space!

You'll find dozens of hotels and rentals within walking distance of our home for the weekend!

601 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Talk about a Kick Ass event. Just got home from Awaken the Rebel Live- created by the amazing Shereen Thor. So many awesome takeaways: a new definition of success, contribution, and how life can be fulfilling and joyful, just where you are. Thank you for an amazing event. Can't wait to see you all next year!

Marianne Simon

Director | Skins I Have Worn

This event had no price tag! It shifted my mindset 180 degrees! My self-limiting beliefs, people pleasing, the way I look at money, and habits that I believed as a kid. I am confident in saying I am FREE! I forgive, stop playing small, and move on to greener pastures. This was an amazing healing weekend full of LOVE and Mindset shifts that lead to an Excellent Life.

Laura Ramos


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We have scholarship tickets available for YOU! ($697 VALUE!)



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