Lily Velazquez“Shereen has helped me to dump old programming and limiting mentalities that I had long outgrown but was still holding on to like a scared child holding a security blanket. She’s challenged me to say adios to lackluster, boring, below-par living that was dragging me down and suffocating my soul and has guided me to my own personal North Star, to what rings true for me and me alone.
I’d call her a Courage Whisperer without a second thought. She’ll empower you to feel like a badass at the end of every session. Or like a goddess. Or like a genius. Or like a sweet, beautiful soul at one with the world. Whatever your alter-ego of choice, Shereen will take you to that mountaintop with equal parts tough love the likes of a mama bear and equal parts heart-of-gold cheerleader who believes in you and what you want to achieve.”
~ Lily Velazquez

Kevin Hansford
Shereen then provides a REAL, IN YOUR FACE and practical assessment of what I’m working on, so I can break it down and truly understand what I’m dealing with (and not the story I like to tell myself).
She helps me to positively move towards my next step, with balls and a sense of purpose. I just get REAL MOVEMENT, REAL RESULTS.
~ Kevin Hansford

Shana LloydShereen’s own rebel-ness enabled me to break out of my box, and become the rebel I always knew lived inside. After a year of major change, I wanted to take it to the next level and get rid of the remaining blocks and soar to new heights. Her enthusiasm and coaching tools allowed me to do just that. Using Shereen’s homework assignments, intention setting and affirmations, allowed me to see the road ahead more as more realistic. In the few short weeks we’ve been working together, I already secured a new work opportunity and have started to break out of my relationship blocks.
Thanks Shereen, you really are a game changer! ~ Shana Lloyd

Robert Wilson“This helped me to realize I am in control of my destiny, not just at the mercy of the waves of life.
I know I need to be moving forward, not just standing still as life passes by. It is like a ship, you can turn the rudder all you want but if the ship isn’t moving, its not going to turn. After participating in the virtual group coaching class, I felt EMPOWERED as I know I can and will be in control as I move forward.” ~ Robert Wilson

Cheris Morrison“I found myself to be utterly stuck professionally, I was not “connecting” to any goals I knew I believed in for myself in previous years. I have hopped around in my career and have been building something that I 100% lost energy to accomplish. I could not zero in on a direction in life and this had been going on for some time. Virtual group coaching was my chance to do something different. I felt like the cost was becoming too large to keep spinning in circles. It is now tesbox that left to my own devices I had securely cornered myself in a negative self talk box of “can’t-do”. Shereen helped me to have a new platform to unleash some of my inner passion and ability, and to sift through some of the clouded layers that I had allowed to settle. I am now on my way towards a crystal clear version of myself. I am happy, motivated and tearfully grateful for a chance to get reconnected to myself. ~ Cheris Morrison

Jigna Babla ShahThe group coaching class experience with Shereen has forced me to truly examine my life–and ask myself:‘Is this the path that I want to continue on?’ It has given me a safe place of self-reflection where I can look at the beliefs and challenges that hold me back (my proverbial box) and find ways to not only escape that box, but flip those challenges and weaknesses and use them as strengths to help me achieve my goals and reach a life that is more fulfilling to me.Once you identify the things that are not-fulfilling you in the ways you would like, Shereen’s non-judgemental, light-hearted, kick-your-ass-through-kindness approach pushes and challenges you to take the next step and take real action towards a more satisfying life!No one’s goals are exactly the same–and Shereen doesn’t push you to want the same life or same goals as anyone else–she accepts you where you are at and helps you feel excited about moving forward and making real change!The group coaching atmosphere is amazing! I feel like I am learning from each and every person in my group who shares their challenges and issues! Shereen respectfully manages the group dynamic with a great blend of teaching, private self-reflection, and group sharing. ~ Jigna Babla Shah

Brandon“Shereen has a unique ability to drive to the core of an issue or belief system that is amazing. Shereen was my personal coach for over three months and during this time, the most important relationship in my life improved – the relationship to myself. Her ability to connect with you at different levels makes the time spent even more valuable.
When you are open to possibilities and ready to commit to change, Shereen is the person to take you to the next level.”~ Brandon

Kiola“I sought out Life Coaching with Shereen in order to get guidance on making my goals come to life. I was at a point in life where I felt stagnant, I really felt like I was treading water, and I was ready to move forward with my goals. The experience has truly been life changing. After 3 months of coaching, I have a new outlook on my future, and I’ve learned that anything I want in my life, I can have. One of my biggest accomplishments was being accepted into Graduate school, and Shereen was right there encouraging me the whole way. During my sessions, I learned how to get organized and stay on track with my weekly goals. I also realized that without a plan, it can be very hard to know where you are going. What I love most about Shereen’s coaching is that the sessions are all about YOU! Whether I needed a sounding board for an idea, or motivation to get through the week, Shereen made each session efficient and effective. I’m eager to get started on my next round of coaching, and I’m excited to increase my life skills with the tools that Shereen has to offer.”~ Kiola B. Raines, M.A.

Jamie“I am very thankful that I have Shereen in my life. And to think it all started from a simple Myspace friend request. A beautiful comedian in Los Angeles CA who I never thought in a day would even accept my request; let alone actually be a genuinely nice person and reply to all my comments. I grew up in a small town in MI and had weight challenges all my life leading to poor self esteem. Having past experiences of skinny, popular, good looking people rejecting me I just assumed it would be the same. I will never forget the positive energy from Shereen that traveled from Los Angeles to Tampa FL through the computer and phone calls. She made me feel ALIVE for the first time in my life and I hadn’t even met her in person. To the world your just one person but to one person you’re the WORLD You introduced me to the world of positive growth and the power of positive thinking. It was through working with Shereen that I turned my life around and have been living my life by my dreams and goals, from a place of strength instead of fear! The impact she have had on my life is priceless and I am forever grateful for the shift I was able to make. I thank God for her amazing talent in touching the lives of those around her. Almost 4 years later and only 2 actual times face to face Shereen continues to inspire me every day and remind me of my true greatness and capabilities. I still feel her presence around me that pushes me to CHASE my dreams. Thank You Shereen. I heart you!”~ Jamie

Jason“Shereen really did a great job on helping me focus on the most important issues in my life. She helped guide me towards the positive things in my life and away from the negative things.
She kept bring me back to my personal contract (a statement we co-created about me that helped me be the best version of myself). This helped me to realize the core things I needed to work on. Overall, Shereen did a fabulous job.”~ Jason

Ronnie Jr.“Shereen Thor is certainly cut from a different cloth. Her ability to instruct, listen, & communicate, is a connection unlike most. When working with her, I feel that she shares herself and her story as much as she does while giving you the essential tools to break out of the “Cubicle Monkey” way of living.
I am certainly someone who thinks outside of the box and the unique way her information is disseminated inspires you to always thrive to the next level. She’s like a personal trainer to the soul !!!!”~ Ronnie Jr.

Reshama“Shereen is a dynamic coach and inquisitive questioner. I was made to feel very comfortable and respected for my current process and with ease and honesty, guided through making small but critical shifts in awareness in order to approach my stated goals. Shereen is highly skilled in asking the right questions for the specific goal of allowing me to actualize another reality in support of my own development. She understands the surface issues, but can make explicit the underlying issues that we often ignore simply because we’re not highly aware of it. This was key in my understanding of my patterns and having her inquisitive eye and gentle feedback allowed me to see my own patterns. The relationship between body and mind is so vivid and Shereen asks just the right questions at just the right time to help unlock inner magic.”~ Reshama

James Sneed“When I hired Shereen I wanted to work on relationship and career and wasn’t sure where to start. I had been bartending for years and wanted to make sure I didn’t stay in that line of work forever, so we decided to work together for 90 days. In our first meeting I told her it would be impossible for me to choose a career path in that short of a time, and she just smirked. After only 3 months of coaching I had chosen a career path, started a vocational schooling program, and now work a for a huge company making more money than I ever thought I would. I have a great girlfriend, and I never forget how much working with her changed my life.”~ James Sneed

Holly“Shereen asks profound questions unlike anyone I have every encountered.
The questions hit deep to my soul to really dig up the core beliefs which have been holding me back and keeping me from success and happiness. Once those beliefs come up, we then move forward on releasing them.”~ Holly

Kimber“Shereen has a warm, welcoming presence that creates a safe space to explore the dark places.
She helps you challenge them in the light to defuse the power that they had previous held in your life.”~ Kimber

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