This is how Entrepreneurs are saving the world…

This is how Entrepreneurs are saving the world…

Posted by Shereen Thor

What’s up Rebel?? How’s this day treating you?


Well I must say, I woke up in an AMAZING mood =) I am not one for watching live TV I am more of a DVR it and get to it when I can girl.


But last night I saw Howard Schultz (CEO & Founder of Starbucks) as a guest on The Daily Show announcing that all Starbucks employees are being given a full college tuition!


WHAT?! I swear this is literally how entrepreneurs are changing the world. Here’s how the rebellion works…


INNER REVOLUTION —-> DESIRE A BETTER LIFE —-> START A BUSINESS TO GET A BETTER LIFE —-> BIG PICTURE VISION OF CHANGING THE WORLD KICKS IN —-> AND NOWyou have put your self in the position to not be IN the system, but to be an agent of change that can really make an impact on not only the flawed system, but also the world.


I will probably do a ShereenTV on this soon because it’s just too important. For those of you who don’t know what’s going on with the College situation here is a movie trailer that will inform you. It’s only about 2 minutes long and explains how going to college is not setting up our youth to do well in life and how the government profits grossly off of the whole thing. PLEASE WATCH.


And here’s the clip from The Daily show with Howard Schultz where he has seriously Awakened his Rebel and decided to do something about it =) I freakin’ love this guy. Not to mention the host is hilarious =)


So as you can see, THIS IS HOW ENTREPRENEURS ARE LITERALLY SAVING OUR WORLD. Entrepreneurship to me is not about business, it is about values, principle, standing for something. Saying “uh, hello…does anyone else see that this system is bogus?” and then rebelling into the direction of what is best for the self, and for the world 🙂


Oh it just gets my little rebel heart goin!!!! lol.


To your success, rebellion, and ultimate massive impact on the world,

Shereen Faltas


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