Find yourself enjoying a luxurious event where you finally get to relax. Leave your overly dutiful life back at home and bask in yor bliss.

There will be a chef preparing all your food, making your mimosas and supporting you in ultimate relaxation. 

Experience a digital detox and enjoy the simplicity of being with yourself and your needs.

Nothing to do, you finally get to just BE.


Enjoy a massage to help you calm your nervous system so that your creativity and inspiration are unlocked. 

Receive a one on one hypnotherapy session with one of our staff. Receive support from an executive coach with envisioning the next chapter of your life.

Dip into the jacuzzi while overlooking the ocean and bask in heartfelt conversations with like minded women. Together we are stronger, so cultivating sisterhood is not only healing for our souls, but it is healing for our society.


This retreat is designed to support you in repriortizing YOU in you own life. 

The elements relaxation, sisterhood, coachin and tuning inward are all meant to support you in hearing your beautifully wise soul speak.

It gives you a chance to reconnect with yourself and create a plan for the next chapter of your life. You will leave feeling reenergized, clear and determined to create the life you want and make the impact you were meant to make.

Hi! I’m Shereen Thor, Founder of Awaken The Rebel — a community of people creating an extraordinary lifesyle by design. 

I’ve helped thousands of people over the last 10 years quiet the noise, tune inward and create a life that truly reflects their highest values. I've done this through retreats, coaching and live events.  

This retreat is my magic maker. It's the answer to a lot of the needs that come through in my community. 

We need quiet, we need space, we need time to get away from constantly meeting everyone else's needs. This is when we are able to get in touch with our own. You can't create the life you want unless you know WHAT you want. 

This retreat creates the space for a long enough period of time to carve out time for YOU. The intention here is that when you go home you CONTINUE to carve out time for you inside of your busy life. 

That you don't just empty yourself out on the kids, the partner or the job. That you learn new tools to create space for YOU in this life. 

Your soul matters. Your needs matter. This retreat will create the energetic system upgrade that your body needs to do life differently moving forward. 

The nature, the facilitation, the calm, the sisterhood. It's the mixture of it all that creates a massive energetic shift. Women rave about coming home after the weekend and feeling more happy, calm and stress free for months to come.  

VIP Rebel Retreat 

Dates: Saturday, May 23rd - Monday, May 25th, 2020 

Location: South of Santa Barbara, CA 

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Sharon Pierre-Louis  

"I was able to reconnect with my ability to take time and space to just BE so that I can come to clarity and resolve in my own decisions. Just like I felt like I did as a kid. 

When I was a kid I loved not being on my phone and free to be creative and enjoy the world. I got some healing out of feeling true connection and sisterhood.

 I recieved an amazing feeling that I can only describe like, "It's a gift to be me, and it's a gift to allow others to be themselves as well." My body felt super rested after the treatment." 


Daisy Santizo

"I really enjoyed it. I got to unplug and get away from reality for a bit. It was also the most unique personal development experience I have ever had, I've never done anything like it. 

Before the retreat I felt noisy and like my mind was a bit clouded. After the retreat I feel like I have gotten exactly what I need and have some crystal clear ideas on where I want to head from here on out. 

I was able to quiet the noise and get some clarity on my path moving forward. I also got to talk it out with people who helped me crystalize those ideas. If you're thinking about going and your'e on the fence, it's not a question just do it.

Kate Yik 

"It was so relaxing, rich, calming and enlightening. I got a lot of sisterhood, soulfulness and space. 

Before I came I was feeling depleted and tired from all the responsibilities in life and motherhood. And I felt a longing for connection with other moms who were experiencing the same thing.

 After leaving I felt balanced and filled up, it was just what I needed to come back to myself. If you are thinking about it, definitely do it. It's the gift that keeps on giving. 

It created a shift that has continued to create a sense of ease in my life that I had been missing for way too long. Things that once felt hard to attain I am now creating with ease." 

Tanya P

"This retreat had all the things women need to feel nourished and rejuvenated from the inside out. 

Sometimes the responsibilities of life feel overwhelming, so it was really nice to take some time out for myself. There was sisterhood, togetherness and fun. There was solitude, quiet and moments alone in nature. 

It was emotionally and physically nourishing in ways that all of us mommas need. I came home feeling newly re-energized. I found myself feeling more gratitude towards my husband and feeling ready to to go home and face the world with him. 

I am so happy I went and would definitely go again."

Do ou feel like you want to put yourself higher on your priority list? Do you feel bad when you ask for support? Do you want success and fulfillment to come with more ease?

Ready to join me? 



Dates: Saturday May 23rd - Monday May 25th 

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For women who want to have success, fulfill their purpose and put themselves higher on their own priority list

Hear from previous retreat attendees...

Rachel McFarland  

If someone could write a prescription for what I needed it would have been everything in this retreat. 

Before the retreat I wanted some hard answers and clarity. But more than that I feel like what I got was a perspective shift. I now feel a sense of balance and calm that I haven't felt in years. It's given me the confidence to know that I can thrive rather than survive. 

I feel like this is something every woman should do once in their lives if not annually. It's just so necessary to be in nature, have some space, quiet and time to yourself. To be disconnected and get in tune with yourself once again and your own needs. 

I got needs filled that I didn't even know I had.

Monica Ordonez

This retreat was the opposite of any seminar I have ever attended. Most seminars give me tons of information and I leave with my head so full that I need a week to decompress. 

But this retreat created space for my soul to hear itself speak which was even more empowering to me. 

In an unexpected moment I got clarity on what I need most in the world & how I block myself from getting it. I made a choice in that moment to reprioritize my needs.

It felt freaking amazing! We digital detoxed, cleansed our souls and did all the things necessary to break away from the world. 

It was definitely a break my soul needed, and I plan on going again next year.

Robin Polito  

I feel I got clarity and validation. It was so great to digital detox and to just be with other women. I loved chatting with the fellow moms.  

It helped me get over the "I didn't do it right, I don't fit in" mindset. I also came home so appreciative of my hubby and the fact that he lets me do me.

If you are thinking about going but you're on the fence I would say, absolutely go on this retreat in order to find yourself. You owe it to you!

The digital detox bordered on life-changing. I am now thinking about how I can incorporate technology breaks in my life on the regular it was so powerful.

Claudie Marne

I came back from this retreat feeling renewed. I went into it hoping to find clarity on what I wanted to do with my career, but walked away with an inner peace that made me feel so validated in my choice to commit fully to motherhood. 

Before the retreat I referred to myself as "just a mom." After the retreat I felt respected and valued for my contributions to the family and to society at large. This wasn't what I was expecting to get, but was exactly what I needed. 

A week later I had my daughter's birthday party and everyone kept commenting on how incredibly relaxed I seemed. This validated that the inner peace I felt was showing on the outside too. If you are interested at all, just trust your desire and go. I am so so glad I did.


This retreat will support you in rejuvenating and rediscovering yourself. Getting that space and freedom you crave to go home with an even more full heart.


You finally get a break from the constant demands of life. 

You arrive at beautiful ocean front retreat space all for you. 

You meet other like minded women experiencing all that you are going through who get it. 

You ditch your cell phone for a weekend which makes you feel a sense of freedom you only had when you were a child.

You eat good food made by an in house chef, laugh with good people, connect with yourself and feel alive. 

You rest, play, have fun and soak in the ions from the sea. 

You remember what it was like to feel care free. 

When there was no schedules, no lists, and no demands. 

Here you are a free spirit. 

You get a massage, some spa pampering, do some yoga and partake in morning mimosas that remind you that you are stopping to celebrate life.

You have a deep conversation with a like minded friend that supports you emotionally.

You rest in beach front. 

You feel sand on your feet and test out the Pacific ocean with your toes.  

Go for a beach walk.

You get inspired by a certified coach who is focused on supporting you in going inward and discovering what your soul truly desires NOW.

You feel grounded, calm and energized like you haven't felt in years. 

You create a declaration of how you will bring this energy into your life when you leave here. 

You feel connected, appreciated, seen and witnessed. 

You have a plan of how you will continue life from here on out in a way that truly honors YOU.  

You feel empowered and equipped to make changes in your life that will stick and make a difference not only for you, but for your entire family & community for years to come.  

You coming?