When will it be Enough?

When will it be Enough?

Posted by Shereen Thor

I have been feeling particularly introspective this week…


I was put on “home rest” by the doctor so that my little baby rebel can develop fully and perfectly which is great for her yet tough for me.


As you know I love my freedom 🙂 and I have honestly been going a little stir crazy. So I walked out to the beach this morning with Rambo, and looked at the ocean with my journal in hand and saw this lady on a bike.


And as she rode by she looked and me and said, “Aren’t we blessed.”


In that moment I thought, yeah she’s right. Look at me complaining about home rest LOL. Get over it you rebellious psycho haha. Who complains about rest?! hahaha what a geek. And then it hit me…


It made me think about all my rebels who are stuck in jobs they don’t like, or long for a fulfilling relationship, or want to lose more weight, or have a start up business they are struggling with.


Sometimes the circumstances we have currently make us feel stuck or like we “aren’t there yet.” Or as if we don’t get permission to feel happy until SOMEthing happens.


So this letter is one that goes out straight from my heart to yours. Allow yourself to feel happy NOW.


NOW NOW NOW I tell ya! lol. Forgive me for the yelling, but sometimes people need that 😉


I hear so many of my rebels saying “I’ll feel good when…” or “I’ll be happy when…” and it’s such a bummer. To rob ourselves of the present moment of happiness and suspend it out to some future moment when everything seems “perfect.”


NEWS FLASH: it will never be perfect.


There will always be something better, bigger, or more exciting that we want to attain. Robbing ourselves of happiness in this moment is just that. The real tragedy would be if you did that every day of your life until your death.


So when will it stop? When will we decide we are happy even in the midst of the journey? THAT’S the rebel way to live. Don’t be typical and wait. Be happy NOW. Because you say so. Because you choose to.


Many of my rebels have this same tendency in a different form. they say “I’ll launch my business when I can have a studio to do videos in like this big name person who does it amazingly.”


And I’m like, “But you’re a genius! Share what you know now. Help people who need you now. It’s silly to wait. You are only delaying your success & fulfillment and helping those who need your knowledge.”


And inevitably there is some big pause while it sinks in and then another reason why it needs to be perfect before it can be launched.


We rob ourselves of joy every day, and we rob others of the genius that is us as well. So today I urge you to DO WHAT YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE NOW.


It doesn’t need to be perfect…you don’t need to be perfect. You just need to be YOU. It is a tragedy to rob the world of what is only able to be delivered by you.


So let the ego and the self judgement go, and celebrate yourself by sharing who you are just a little bit more, and choosing be happy in THIS moment.


I would love to hear in your comments what you are choosing to be happy about NOW, and/or how you are going to share you just a bit more this week.


To your happiness & unique thumbprint on the world,


Shereen Faltas



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