SHEREEN THOR is an Entrepreneur, Author & Host dedicated to helping us cut through the noise and bring forth the truth.

Shereen Thor, Life Coach with Awaken the Rebel


Between her quirky comedic style and her in your face ability to catalyze others into empowerment; she is pretty effective.

Her career first started in stand-up comedy where just after two short years of being in the game she was quickly getting scouted by MTV, VH1 and E!.

While making people laugh was fun it wasn’t fully fulfilling. She was an inspiration junkie, obsessed with human behavior and what makes people tick, so she became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) to cultivate her ability to change lives for the better.

Ultimately Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking eclipsed being a funny girl so she decided to get to work. She authored her first book The Coolest Quote Book Eva to commemorate all of the inspirational quotes that inspired her as she was transforming her life from cubicle monkey to rebel with a cause.

She found a way to fuse her comedic skills with her desire to inspire by creating Awaken The Rebel, a socially conscious movement that reaches thousands.

Shereen Faltas comedian, show host, life coach

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” MLK

She brought this positive comedic perspective to the mic on the Oprah Winfrey Recap Show on Afterbuzz TV. Then was picked up as a host and producer on an international network CSAT TV where she pioneered a talk show discussing topics like life, love, purpose and emotional health.

Through leading retreats, coaching, and speaking she spreads the message of being truly lit up & alive in this one precious opportunity of LIFE.

With the soul of a preacher, the mind of a philosopher and the personality of an entertainer she creates a dynamic experience for her audience. A unique blend of what our ADD culture needs to stay engaged, coupled with a conversation that our hearts and souls desperately crave.

She works as a trainer, executive coach & facilitator in corporate, education, entertainment, and the nonprofit sector. She also hosts retreats specifically for Mom Artistpreneurs because she believes they make the world go around and they are the CEO’s of LIFE.

She is an avid supporter of the International Justice Mission, a nonprofit that frees people from slavery and human trafficking, and loves to play soccer, play her ukulele, dance and have quality time with her family and friends. She is glad you landed here, and hopes you enjoyed her 3rd person version of her story.

shereen thor


Now for the first-person version…

I got started because I was a college graduate who felt miserable staying at a job where I had been sexually harassed but didn’t have the balls or confidence to leave.

I have also always wanted to do creative things. Things my momma didn’t approve of because I would only make her proud if I was a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer. So I listened to momma and swiftly became miserable at a desk job.

After attending a weekend retreat I woke my rebel when I decided to follow my heart, quit my master’s degree and start doing stand-up comedy (momma was NOT proud).

It was the first time I chose the illogical thing that lit me up rather than the logical thing that made everyone else approve of me. This. Changed. My. LIFE.

It began a new chapter where I actually honored my truth rather than abandoning myself, and I have never looked back. This version of life is worlds more fulfilling, soul satiating & FREEing.

It certainly has its ups and downs just like any version of life does, but the difference is that the downs are worth the struggle because the ups be SO. MUCH. BETTA.

The second you stop fulfilling other people’s expectations & choose to act on your truth, you become more whole. You know that saying, “Hurt people, hurt people?” Well the opposite is true of whole people.

Can we create a new saying? You and me both, right here right now. Shit’s going down in history. Okay here it is, “Whole people, heal people.”

This is how when you follow your soul’s call it actually makes the world a better place. This is not some woo woo bullshit, this is the truth.

When you live out the true version of yourself rather than the fake one people expect of you, you are in alignment. You are empowered, happy & free. You love harder, have more self-respect, do right by others and focus on what matters.

So I invite you in to my little rebel world. Where we follow the beat of our heart’s drum & live out that rebel life. Thank you for being here, and I hope we become great friends.

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